Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the First newsletter of the Indian Academy of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine. The aim of this publication is to keep you informed of new initiatives and updates concerning the latest advances in the field of arthroscopy. The academy along with Sports Injury Centre will be holding various teaching programs for the residents and young orthopedic surgeons who want to learn the art of arthroscopy and sports medicine. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.Please send your comments via email at
Dr. Deepak Chaudhary


The Indian academy of Arthrpscopy and Sports medicine has been formed with an aim to provide a comprehensive platform for spreading the education, knowledge and skills of treating the sports injuries. The clubbing of cadaveric arthroscopy learning workshops, symposia and live surgeries on one platform will be able to give a complete package of learning through live interactions with the operating surgeons, hands on cadaveric workshops and attainment of art and science of sports medicine through dedicated lectures and small group discussions. The activities have been planned to be spread throughout the year in a periodic calendar. The academic ambience of the sports injury centre with infrastructure of conducting all the activities will facilitate the cause of sports medicine education. I invite all the young budding arthroscopic surgeons as well veterans in this field to come together to take the cause of enhancement of the speciality of sports medicine in our country.
Dr. Ravi Gupta

Message from Secretary

The launch of this academy marks an exciting milestone in the history of Sports Injury Centre. The website will serve as a powerful communication tool for enhancing the ties between the arthroscopic surgeons and its members. One of the primary objectives of this academy is to encourage the building of rapport, networking amongst us and to set up a platform where you can send us your queries. We would appreciate your proposals and suggestions for events and activities. The success of this academy will depend on the support and contributions of members. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.Please send your comments via email at
Dr. Deepak Joshi